Dream of: 07 April 1991 "Flying Above A Cemetery"

I was flying above a cemetery filled with monuments. I saw one especially large monument which I thought might have my name on it. But when I came close to it, I couldn't see my name on it.

I noticed some cars in the cemetery, especially a white one with a man in it. For some reason I thought he might try to cause me some problems.

I continued flying around until I finally began descending near a two-story white house. When I had almost reached the ground, I began again trying to ascend, but I began having trouble going back up. Only when I began taking deep breaths did I begin to ascend. As I rose I passed a window on the second floor of the house, and saw a boy inside.

I continued to rise until I was above the house. I thought I might continue rising until I was very high, perhaps five miles above the ground. Recalling the man in the white car, I also thought if I were that high, he wouldn't be able to see me.

However, I was still a little afraid of going so high. I didn't know what I would do if I started to fall. I was unsure I could control my flying if I were that high.

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