Dream of: 06 April 1991 "Hand Signs"

Two other men and I went to an office where an Hispanic man (perhaps 50 years old) was seated at a desk. The Hispanic man was a bit overweight, and dressed in a brown suit. The two other men and I had come there because the man sold marijuana, and we wanted to buy some. I and one of the two men with me knew the Hispanic man, although it had been a long time since I had seen him. The man who knew the Hispanic man began speaking with him, while the other man and I waited. Finally the Hispanic man said he wanted to see my driver's license and the driver's license of the man waiting with me. When the Hispanic man saw my license, he remembered that he knew me.

When I walked toward the Hispanic man, he was friendly and he said I could return the following morning for the marijuana. Apparently he had a lot, but he had to be careful to whom he sold it. The other two men and I then left.


The other two men were riding bicycles down the street, talking about the marijuana. They said the marijuana was gold colored and was powerful. One hit would make someone stoned. I told them the best marijuana I had ever smoked was green, and I remembered I had gotten stoned on just one hit.


My wife Carolina and I were in Portsmouth in a store where Blackstock  (a former law school classmate) was living. He looked a little like Grierson (a Portsmouth acquaintance when I was in high school). Blackstock was talking with me about the marijuana we were going to buy. Since I didn't want Carolina to know I was buying marijuana, with hand signs I asked Blackstock how much the marijuana was going to cost. With hand signs he told me it was going to cost $500 for half an ounce. I thought that sounded like too much money, but I thought I would probably pay it. In fact I thought I might pay $1,000 for a whole ounce, since I thought it would last a long time. Nevertheless, it seemed incredible that people would pay that much for marijuana.

I was sitting on the floor, where I saw pieces of chocolate lying on a piece of paper. Blackstock ate some, but he didn't offer me any. The chocolate looked rich, and I wanted to eat some, but I didn't.

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