Dream of: 05 April 1991 "Dream Notebook"

My father and I were in a city where we had been working all day long for several days. When we had finished work on this day, my father asked me if I would accompany him to a doctor's office and wait for him while he had an appointment with the doctor. I asked myself if I had any problem with that and thought for a moment. At first I thought I would go with him, but then I changed my mind. I told him my time was valuable and I didn't want to waste it in an office. My father became angry and stormed off toward his car, leaving me behind.

I would have to walk wherever I was going to go. I began walking down an alley until I realized the alley had become very narrow; some people were sitting in chairs, blocking my way. Unperturbed, I turned around, walked back to where I had begun, and took another street.

I hadn't walked far before I entered a large, old house. Once inside, I noticed something was wrong with the heel of one of my black boots, so I took the boots off and continued walking in my socks.

I heard a voice which I thought might belong to a butler in the house. He said that I could continue walking in the house, but that the owner wished to speak with me. That seemed ominous.

I thought that I had been in this house once before, and that perhaps I had left a notebook there with some of my dreams written in it. Perhaps the owner of the house had found the notebook, had read some of my dreams, and now wanted to talk with me about them. I was unsure whether that was good or bad; I only knew I didn't want to talk with the man.

I saw a large set of stairs leading up to the next floor where I thought the man was waiting in one room. Instead of going up the stairs, I continued hurriedly walking around the house.

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