Dream of: 03 April 1991 "Something About God"

I was sailing on a muddy river in a small one-sail boat, about four meters long. After I had cruised quite a ways, a wind blew up and began causing me trouble. I couldn't control the boat; I didn't even know how to turn it around. At the rear of the ship, where the sail was tied, was a stick about the size of a broom handle. I thought if I switched the sail to the other side of the stick, the boat would turn around. I untied the rope holding the sail, and retied it on the other side of the stick. Amazingly, the ship quickly turned around. However I was still having a difficult time guiding it.

Finally I was able to achieve some control over the boat, which began drifting toward the rocky shore. Scanning the shore, I could descry a house or building made of cement blocks, built among the rocks. At the same time, I also thought I could hear someone talking on a loudspeaker. Suddenly I recalled having either read or heard about this building: it was a tomb, inside of which the person who had built the tomb was supposed to have been buried.

When I was close enough to shore, I jumped out into the shallow water, waded to land, and walked up to the derelict old building. I first looked around outside, then ventured in. Numerous objects which had obviously been here for a long time were sitting around the room. Everything appeared to be in good shape. Even though the building was abandoned and in disrepair, it appeared that nobody had ever bothered the contents. Among the many artifacts were some antique plates sitting on a shelf high up on one wall. Reposed along another wall was a long crow bar which had been painted blue.

I walked back outside and reentered the building through another door, into another room. In this room I beheld what was obviously the sarcophagus, eerie in a way, constructed simply of concrete blocks laid over top the floor and against a wall.

I didn't stay long. Exiting the tomb room, I walked back outside where I again could hear the interminable loudspeaker. It sounded as if something about "God" was being said on the speaker, but I didn't listen closely.

Part of the concrete had caved in on the side of the building. Under the concrete were some of the long metal shafts which had been used to reinforce the concrete. Although the rest of the building seemed stable, it could probably fall down at any time.


My old buddies Ramey and Walls were floating with me on the same muddy river, in what appeared to be a miniature paddle boat. Although they intended to drift farther down the river, I didn't want to continue. So I jumped into the tepid water and quickly swam back to the shore, to the place from which we had embarked. When I reached the shore, I climbed out of the water and watched Ramey and Walls continue down the river. I knew they would later return.

I turned around and headed toward a small store standing nearby. When I reached the store, four or five rough-looking men and three young women were standing in front of it. All were in their twenties or early thirties, and looked as if they might belong to a motorcycle gang. When I approached them, they all gathered around me, and I instantly became apprehensive, thinking they might try to rob me (in my left pocket I had a wet wad of money). However it soon appeared that they were merely trying to be friendly.

When I broke away from them and walked into the store, one man followed me. He watched as I pulled the wad of money out of my pocket, and he saw that I had a couple of hundreds in the wad. Again I began worrying that the men might want to rob me. If that were the case, I hoped they would just take the money and not knock me in the head. When the man told me to give him twenty dollars for some food, I complied. As he took the money and walked back outside, I quickly crammed a hundred and a twenty into the bottom of my shoe.

One woman walked into the store and informed me that the other two women liked me, and that I could have my choice of either of them. Actually I liked the one who had come into the store better than the other two waiting outside, but I didn't say anything. I was actually feeling too nervous about the whole situation. I wished Ramey and Walls would return. I would feel much safer if they were here. Maybe Ramey and Walls could even end up with the two women.

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