Dream of: 01 April 1991 "Tattooed"

I was in another city in a house where I was going to spend the night, apparently in the basement. At the moment I was in an upstairs room with two women (each 19-20 years old) who were going to spend the night in this room. One of the women was a blonde and the other had black hair. They apparently were going to let me have sex with them if I would sneak up to their room in the night.

The black-haired woman (sitting right in front of me with her back to me) was wearing a small negligee. I put my arms around her and wondered whether I should pull my hands up over her breasts. I touched them, but I was uncertain I should go any further than that.


The following morning I woke up and realized I was going to have to go to court in this small town, which was perhaps 150 kilometers from my office. I had taken a bus to the town. My mother (who had also spent the night in the house) was with me. As I stood in front of a mirror, getting ready, I looked outside, and saw a gigantic white dog. It was probably three meters long and a meter tall. The dog was so grotesquely large and fat, it didn't even look like a dog. It looked as if it were even too fat to walk. Unafraid of the dog and thinking it wouldn't bite me, I walked outside and began petting it. It rolled over on its back and I saw that all the hair had been cut off its stomach, as if it had been shaved. As I scratched its stomach, the dog almost seemed to be trying to communicate with me. Somehow it told me that it never got to exercise and that no one ever took it for a walk. It had to stay right here. It then showed me that a picture of a playboy playmate, about two meters long, had been tattooed onto its stomach. Some writing at the bottom said, "This is the longest playboy pinup in the world."

The dog also mentioned something about "stitches" and I thought perhaps the pinup had been stitched on the dog. I felt sorry for the dog, but there wasn't much I could do about it. It appeared that the pinup had been put on the dog so the dog would be a tourist attraction.

I returned to the house and continued getting ready to go to court. I first put on a light blue shirt, then put on a dark blue shirt over top of it. But when I tried to put on my tie, I realized the collar of the light blue shirt was sticking out, so I had to take it off. I then was only wearing one shirt. I next put on an old, tan jacket which I had. As I dressed I thought how I hoped no one at the court house would see that I was walking (and not driving a car) when I arrived.

Jon walked into the room. I began complaining to him that all I had to wear was the old tan jacket, and how that I had no car. I told him I was thinking of buying a car. I said, "I've saved $45,000 right now. I have it."

He seemed impressed by that. I told him I didn't want to spend a lot of money for a car and that I still might buy it on payments.

Jon began talking about the two women in the house and he told me he had sex with them the previous night. It seemed to me that I had gone upstairs and had sex with the women, but I couldn't remember distinctly. But Jon did remember. He said he had had sex with both and both had performed fellatio on him.

A door opened and both women walked through the room. They looked as if they had had quite a night. The blonde-haired woman now had reddish hair. I looked at her mouth and thought how she had had Jon's penis in it just a short while ago. I thought I would still like to have sex with them, but it didn't seem appropriate at the moment. I needed to get ready and go to work.

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