Dream of: 24 March 1991 (4) "Jail In Lebanon"

As I was driving along in a car, I began wondering what it would be like to smuggle marijuana into the United States from Mexico. I had heard on the television that only about 15% of smugglers were caught. I was thinking about flying a small plane across the border in the Big Bend area of Texas. If I were followed by federal agents, I could simply crumple the marijuana and throw it out of the plane. Then the authorities would never be able to prove anything.

Up ahead of me I saw some police at an intersection. Since the police appeared to be stopping people who were pulling up in the right lane, I turned off on a little lane to the left. However, when I saw a policeman signaling me to come to him, I turned the car toward him and pulled up next to him.

He stepped up to my car, immediately pulled my black brief case out of the car, and ripped the briefcase apart to see if anything was in it. When he didn't find anything, he handed the briefcase back to me. He then looked at the front of my car; it sounded as if he said that something was wrong with my windshield wiper and that I was going to have to go to jail. But then I realized my windshield wiper wasn't the problem. Instead, the inspection sticker on my car had expired.

I told the officer that I had only recently bought the car and that I hadn't noticed that the inspection sticker had expired. He paid no attention to what I said, and he replied that anyone who swam on the beaches there in Lebanon would be a guest of the United States in jail. Only now did I realize I was in the country of Lebanon.

I continued talking to the policeman, trying to find out if there was some way I could take care of the problem without having to go to jail. I definitely didn't want to have to go to jail in Lebanon.

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