Dream of: 24 March 1991 (3) "Shot With A Pen"

I was in a war. I was in a small room which was being attacked from all sides. Some soldiers who were fighting on my side would come and go from the room. I decided to step outside myself. As soon as I did an enemy soldier stepped up in front of me. I immediately pointed my gun at him and shot him. As he fell over dead, I realized he was a British soldier and that he was on my side. I felt bad as I pulled his body over to the side, but I didn't have time to give it much thought. Since I was almost out of ammunition, I searched his body to see if he had a gun.

Instead of a gun, I found a pen. In fact, I realized I hadn't shot him with a gun, but with a pen that I had had. I didn't know how I had done it, but the pen had made quite a boom. I noticed that the top of my pen had come off, and I was trying to put it back in place, even though I knew I shouldn't be wasting my time doing that. I needed a gun.

I found a duffel bag the soldier had had and I dumped the contents out on the ground. It contained some screwdrivers and a couple crowbars.

I began to wonder what I would say if I were asked if I had shot the man. Would I say I had? Or would I not say anything about it? Or would I lie and say I hadn't done it, that someone else had shot him? My main concern at the moment was getting a gun and some ammunition together so I could defend myself if the enemy did attack.

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