Dream of: 24 March 1991 (2) "Jumping Porpoises"

While I was in the Gallia County Farmhouse, I saw a green Volkswagen suddenly pull up to the back of the House. I had the feeling that my step-aunt Lou was in the car, and I thought that Hilda (my other step-aunt) was also going to show up later. I knew Hilda wanted to try to get the Farm when my step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel died. I thought I might start talking to Hilda now that I hoped that one day I would own the Farm. Or I might mention that Clarence was going to deed over to me the four acres where my Cabin was. However I decided I probably shouldn't say anything about it and would be better off to keep my mouth shut.

I looked down at Symmes Creek, which looked more like a river. A large school of black and white fish were jumping up into the air out of the creek. I ran through the Farmhouse to try to find someone to tell them what I was seeing. I found my grandmother, but she seemed incapacitated. I screamed for everyone to come and look.

I went back to the front of the Farmhouse to again look at the creek, and instead of fish, I saw hundreds of porpoise jumping out of the water and over each other. It was a beautiful sight. There was even water in the front yard, and the porpoise were also jumping up there. Again I ran through the Farmhouse to try to find people to see the sight, and again I returned to the front to look out over the water.

By now most of the porpoise were gone and the front yard looked more like a swamp area. I went outside and ran down the driveway to get closer to the river. I noticed that a stream of water was coming out of the side of the hill. It appeared that the porpoises had come through the stream and into the river, although I didn't know how they had gotten into the water in front of the Farmhouse. I wondered if a porpoise would die if it got stuck in the stream coming out of the hill. I was amazed by the entire episode.

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