Dream of: 16 March 1991 (2) "Den of Wolves"

My step-grandfather Clarence and I were on the Gallia County Farm on the hill right behind where the old milkhouse used to be. As we looked down in the area where the milkhouse used to be, we noticed that several of Clarence's dogs had started chasing something. The prey looked like a rabbit. The dogs would snap at the rabbit, causing it to fall down, then it would jump to its feet and they would start chasing it again. But the more I looked at it, the less it looked like a rabbit. It was a white color and was about a foot long. I began to think it was a puppy.

I headed in the direction of the animal and reached it just as one of Clarence's collies caught it. I grabbed the animal away, looked at it, and saw that indeed it was a puppy. It was fat and muscular, but obviously not very old. Its eyes were closed and I wondered whether it had even had its eyes open when it had been running. Wanting to protect it, I carried it up to the Farmhouse. When I reached the back porch I was greeted by two black cats which began hissing at the puppy. The puppy struggled to get away from me, but I held it tight.

I walked on into the Farmhouse, looked the dog over, and was amazed at what good shape it was in. It had thick fur and seemed clean. Clarence came up. I was thinking I might keep the puppy, but Clarence began talking about how he was going to keep it and raise it into a nice dog. That disappointed me. I thought if Clarence kept the dog here on the Farm, it would always be outside and end up being scruffy. It wouldn't have as good a life here as it would have with me. However I thought I could come up sometimes and brush it and clean it up. It was probably all for the best. If I wanted a dog, I could simply go to a pet store and buy a thorough-bred dog. I might do just that.

I still wondered where the dog had come from and I began talking with Clarence about it. I knew a den of wolves had been around the old milkhouse. Perhaps the dog had been raised by the wolves. I told Clarence my thoughts, but he didn't agree; he thought the dog would be more wild and ferocious if it had been raised by wolves. I had to agree with him. It seemed doubtful that the dog had been raised by wolves.

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