Dream of: 16 March 1991 "Boat-Builder"

I was in my office which was only about three meters by three meters and which was apparently in a house where my father lived. Papers were stacked up all around the room. My father walked into the office. Angry because his papers were all over the place and because the office was untidy, he began screaming at me. Finally he shouted, "Who's the boss here?"

Fed up with his antagonistic attitude, I hollered back, "I am!"

Apparently satisfied with my response, he didn't say anything else. Nevertheless I decided right then that I wasn't going to stay there and that I was going to move out immediately.


I was looking at some envelopes which had a return address at my office in my father's house. I decided I would have to get new envelopes with a new address, and that in fact I would even send my father a letter with my new return address on it just to show him I had moved out.


My father began telling me about a new project he had undertaken to build fine, small cabin cruisers. On a television I was able to see a news segment which someone had made about kind of boats which my father was building. I noticed what appeared to be a large black furnace on the front of one boat, and I concluded that the power to run the boat came from there.

The commentator on the show mentioned that the United States and Japan were competing to build these type of boats. My father's boats had a chance to win the competition, but the outcome was still uncertain. A map of the western coast of the United States around California was shown. Apparently the president of the United States was concerned about that part of the country and he wanted to get a bunch of boats over there. I also saw a river which ran inland along the coast line, and I thought the river might be a good place to harbor some boats.

I had ambiguous feelings about the project. My father obviously wanted me to help him sell the boats (which were quite expensive) and I thought I might be able to do so. I thought if I were helping to demonstrate the boats to people, I might be able to go out on the boats sometimes and just relax. I might even be able to simply live on one boat for a while.

My father said that he only had one boat at the present, but that after he began production he would have 24 models to be shown.


Another boy and I were at a marina where one of my father's boats was being kept. It seemed as if I were about 12 years old. My father was with us, and he said he had just joined a club at the marina. The other boy and I wanted to go out on the boat, and my father told us to go ahead and go, but that we would first have to go to a ticket booth. When the other boy and I walked up to the booth, the woman behind the window asked us if we had the money. I was flummoxed because I had thought I wouldn't have to pay anything because my father was a member.

When my father walked up, he had to write the woman a check because his membership fees apparently weren't being paid. He also had a bouquet of flowers for the woman. I had the feeling that my father hadn't been paying his fees the way he should have, so he had to pay the fees so we could get in. I began to wonder just how well my father was doing at the present if he wasn't even paying his membership fees to get into the marina.

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