Dream of: 13 March 1991 "Respect And Money"

I was studying economics. I had already studied economics for one year, and I was thinking about studying it for three more years to get a degree in economics. I thought economics would be interesting, although I was still unsure what it was all about. I thought about the terms macro-economics and micro-economics.


I was in Miami, on a boat which seemed like the sail boat on which Carolina and I had taken a ride while we had been in Miami. Although the boat was large, only two other people were on the boat. One was a short gray-haired man (about 60 years old). I knew the man owned many different companies, and that he now wanted me to go to work for him.

I was considering going to work for him. I walked up to him and told him that there were two things which I wanted if I went to work for him. I said, "I want your respect. And I want your money."

He seemed to like what I had said. He lifted up his hand, vigorously grabbed my hand and began shaking it. He hugged me tightly to confirm our deal. When we separated, I told him I was ready to go to work immediately, and that I would first like to have a list of all his companies. He said, "Too many companies."

Although it was clear that he wanted me to work for him, he seemed reluctant to give me the list of all his companies. I told him we needed to dispose of some of the companies to either sell or consolidate them.

I knew that one of the companies he had was a timber company. If possible, I would like to keep that company. But I was unsure we would be able to. Besides, I faced a dilemma with the timber company. The only way for a timber company to make money was to cut down trees. And I really didn't want to do that. I wanted to preserve trees. I saw a definite conflict there.

The man seemed reluctant to sell or consolidate his companies, but gradually he seemed to agree with me. I asked, "You'd trade them off for IBM, wouldn't you?"

He said he would. That told me something. That meant that even though all his companies were worth much money, all together they weren't as valuable as IBM. I was thinking about returning to school to study economics.

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