Dream of: 12 March 1991 "Eagle's Black Eye"

I was in a classroom, telling a story about a dream which I had had. As I spoke, I thought I might just be making up the story as I went along. Some people in the classroom seemed to be making fun of what I was saying, until I began telling them part of the dream, when they suddenly snapped to attention, apparently due to the potent message in the dream.

In the dream I had been blind. I was with two other people. One was a girl named Alicia. When she walked up to me I said, "Alicia, I'm a blind man. You can see. Put your arms on me."

As she reached out to touch me, I knew something would happen when she touched me. As I concentrated on it, I became lucid, and knew I was dreaming. I knew I was going to be able to see a vision. I saw a vision of an eagle's white head and black eye. The darkness of its eyes seemed to symbolize something to do with my being blind. I saw a vision of another bird jumping around, then saw a vision of the eagle in flight. Even as I knew I was dreaming, the imagery was particularly powerful.

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