Dream of: 09 March 1991 "A Low Growl"

I was in an open field when suddenly, from a ledge up above me, an animal jumped down on me. It took me a few minutes to realize it was a black wolf. When I knocked it off, it began stalking around me, looking for an opportunity to attack me again. However I was able to keep it at bay.


Still in the same area, carrying a rifle with me, I decided I wanted to hunt something. I saw a bird which resembled a pelican, and I pointed my gun at it. As it flew into the air with its large white wings, I noticed it appeared to be wounded already. I chased it, pointing gun at it, but not really intending to shoot it.

As I chased the bird, I heard a deep breathing, almost like a low growl, and I realized I had been hearing the growl for a while. I looked straight in front of me and suddenly saw a large brown bear, perhaps a grizzly bear, standing up on its hind legs. Looking around, I saw two other bears next to it, and not far away, two or three more large bears. I realized the large bear standing on its hind legs was the father bear, and the mother bear and baby bear were standing next to it. I also realized the father bear was warning me not to come any closer, or it was going to attack me.

I also noticed on another large ledge over to my right, some men were standing there watching me. Apparently they had been observing what I had been doing and were keeping an eye on my hunting. I began backing up from the bears; it appeared they weren't gong to attack me. I backed up far enough to where I began to feel safe again.

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