Dream of: 07 March 1991 (2) "Tangled Trip"

When I asked my father if I could borrow his car to go on a trip, he said yes. Carolina and I quickly went to his house (where his big blue Cadillac was sitting out back), jumped into the Cadillac and took off. After we had driven for quite a while (finally passing through a mountainous area south of Ohio), I looked at a map to try to figure out where we were going.

As I went around a curve, I moved over into the left lane, forcing three or four cars to put on their brakes and come to a stop. I was able to pull back into my lane and continue on. We drove and drove until we reached a place which had the word "Fort" in its name. It was just a small turn-off from the road, and I was unsure that was the way we should go. By this time we were no longer in the car, but were walking.

To continue on, we would have to go down some stone stairs by a cliff. When we had gone down a few steps, I stopped Carolina and told her I didn't think this was the way. We backed up to the top of the stairs, where we discovered a small city. We walked into what appeared to be a public building. We saw some tables in a room, which appeared to be a meeting place; I thought the place might be a town hall. Quite a few people were in the room, but they quickly cleared out, until only two or three were left.

Carolina and I walked to a table, spread out a map on it and began looking at it. Though I tried, I couldn't find the place I was looking for with the word "Fort" in it.

When the room once again began filling with people, Carolina and I walked to the door to leave. A woman was standing at the door and letting people in. I asked her whether the "Fort" was a city, or just an old fort. She told me that "Fort" was the name of a street which separated two cities, and she gave me the names of the cities. I thought I might be able to find those cities on the map, and thus figure out where we were.

I looked at the map again. On the right of the map were large blue areas for some lakes. I also saw one large lake on the left side; I thought that was where we wanted to go. However I wasn't completely sure exactly where we did want to go.

In addition, I was concerned that I needed to get back in touch with my father, that he might be concerned about my bringing his Cadillac back. When I had gone to pick up the car he had had another old brown car sitting there. I thought he might not have wanted me to take the Cadillac, and had intended for me to take the other car. Perhaps I should call and tell him everything was all right with the Cadillac.

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