Dream of: 04 March 1991 "The Catcher In The Rye"

While at the Logan Street House, I picked up the telephone to use, and I heard someone talking on the other end. I hung up the phone, picked it up again, and still heard someone talking. Listening more closely, I realized my sister and a fellow were talking on the phone. I had heard my sister talk about the fellow before, and I knew she had been dating him, although nobody at the House had yet seen him. As I listened, I realized the fellow was about 25 years older than my sister (only about 17 years old). At first I didn't think I would like the fellow, but I was surprised by how intelligent he sounded. He mentioned several books, including The Catcher in the Rye. I figured my sister didn't even know what the book was about.

I also found a picture of the fellow. He was slender and had graying hair. He looked as if he were probably only in his mid 30s. Cathy passed through my mind. I knew she had told me she was dating a man who had gray hair, and I wondered what he was like. It occurred to me that sometime Cathy and her boyfriend could go out with Carolina and me.

Since I knew my sister wasn't in the House, I thought she had somehow called the House, made a connection here, and thus had allowed a three-way call to take place. I listened for quite a while until I heard someone at the door and I hung up the phone. I hoped my sister and her boyfriend didn't hear the click on the phone and realize someone had been listening to them.

When I walked to the door, my mother and a man walked in. Although the man was her boyfriend, he looked as if he were my age (late 30s) or younger. He had white-blonde hair. As they walked in, I thought how strange it seemed that my sister was dating such an older fellow, that my mother was dating such a young fellow, and that I had married Carolina, who was so much younger than I. I concluded there must be something in my family which caused such behavior.

My mother walked out of the room while her boyfriend walked over to a book shelf. He picked up a book which had something to do with "logic" and he began leafing through it. I thought if he were reading a book about logic, he might not be so hard to talk with. Perhaps we would have something in common.

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