Dream of: 03 March 1991 (3) "Simple Procedure"

While I was sitting in my Hall Street Law Office, a woman (probably in her 50s) walked in and began talking with me. She was short, thin, and had gray hair. She told me she had been put on probation more than three years ago for driving while intoxicated on alcohol. Since the law provided that after three years a person could be taken off probation if a request were made to the judge, she wanted to know if I would make such a request for her. She handed me a piece of paper with some of the facts of her case on it. I quickly told her I was familiar with the law and that it was a fairly simple procedure because I had handled such a matter in the past. However, I no longer did that type of work. Since Alcorn was in a neighboring room in the Office, I thought he might be able to handle the matter.

I rose and walked to the room where Alcorn was and I began explaining the situation to him. I knew the problem was that Alcorn wasn't licensed to practice in the state courts in Texas, and therefore technically he wouldn't be able to go before the judge. But I thought he might be able to handle it anyway. Just as we reached the point of discussing whether he would be able to, Susan walked up and she obviously wanted to know what we were talking about. I explained it to her, and we concluded that Alcorn wouldn't be able to do it. Susan jokingly told Alcorn that he ought to watch me so that I didn't get him into trouble doing things he shouldn't be doing.

I walked out of the room; I thought I would ask Leland if he could handle the matter. I knew he certainly was licensed in the state courts. But first I stopped at either a computer or a printer and began trying to put on an attachment that would contain the information which could be printed out to handle the case. As I was working on it, Carolina walked up and she wanted to know what I was doing. So I began explaining it to her.

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