Dream of: 03 March 1991 (2) "Held For Ransom"

I was alone in the Fort Worth Rock House. A short while earlier I had been talking to Alcorn, a lawyer who had been working for me. He had been going on a trip to New York, and had borrowed $300 from me before he had left. He had mentioned something about asking my father to lend him $3,000. I had told him that the idea was ridiculous, that my father didn't even know him and he certainly wasn't going to lend him $3,000.


My father and I were talking in the Rock House. I was quite alarmed for I had just realized that when Alcorn had gone to New York, he had taken my brother Chris with him, and that they hadn't returned when they should have. I had gradually reached the conclusion that Alcorn was intending to hold Chris hostage until my father paid him $3,000 in ransom. Since I knew Chris had difficulty moving his body, I was concerned that Alcorn wouldn't take proper care of Chris. I said to my father, "Dad, I think we may have a very, very big problem. I think Chris may have been kidnapped."

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