Dream of: 24 February 1991 "Mysterious Gift"

While I was sitting in a classroom with a group of people, a man (about 50 years old) stood in front of the class and announced that he was going to give me some money. The man seemed nice, although somewhat mysterious; I couldn't understand why he had chosen me to give the money. I wondered if what he was doing was proper; I concluded that it was. The man then told me where to go to get the money.

I went to a building where the man had directed me, and I walked in. Inside I found a large book. As I looked through the book and saw some papers in it, I recalled that the man had told me that I would find some other things of his in the book, but that if I looked through it, I would find the money. Leafing through the book, I found an envelope addressed to my father, and concluded that the man had at one time communicated with my father.

At first the book seemed large, but as I looked through it, it began to seem like a large paperback with an interesting cover. The cover was a brown color and seemed to depict a medieval scene showing three men sitting around a table. The men appeared to be counting money. The book itself was a history of revenue, and was about the Internal Revenue Service.

I realized the man was fabulously wealthy and that he had had many dealings with the IRS. In fact among some of the papers in the front of the book were letters to the IRS.

I finally found the money about $30,000. I then left.


Carolina and I were trying to decide what we were going to do with the money. I decided we were definitely going to use the money wisely and we weren't going to do anything stupid with it. We needed to find something in which we could make a wise investment. I knew the money was very important.


I returned to the man who had given me the money. He was a stout, obese man. I threw my arms around him and we hugged each other for quite a long while. He had faith in me that I would properly use the money, and I was grateful to him.


I was alone and arrived at an old house with two disgusting, fat people a man and a woman in it. They were probably both in their late 40s. I thought the two would like to hurt me. But somehow I had acquired some magical powers, possibly as a result of the money I had received, and I knew my powers would protect me. I could keep them at bay and they couldn't touch me. Finally I told them to leave.

They did as I told them; after they left, I ascended a small stairway with the intention of searching the house to see what the couple had there. Once upstairs I discovered a large, black dresser and quickly began opening its drawers. All the drawers I opened were empty. However when I shut one drawer, I had the feeling that there was something in the back of it, and I opened it again. There in the back I discovered a silver chain made of small squares of silver intricately woven together. However the chain didn't interest me and I threw it back into the drawer. I continued opening more drawers, but I didn't find anything.

I walked back downstairs and discovered that the man and woman had returned. We had a slight confrontation, but no one was able to touch anybody.


I was thinking of planting some kind of plant. I could use the money to buy some land and the plants which I would need. That seemed like an excellent way to use the money.


I was talking with Vince Trovine (ran Trovine's Carry Out in Portsmouth?). He wanted to borrow some money from me for some kind of business. I was trying to decide whether to do that and was uncertain whether that would be a good business.

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