Dream of: 22 February 1991 "Strong Influences"

As I was walking behind the Gallia County Farmhouse, near the old chicken house, a man and an old woman were standing near the chicken house. On top of the chicken house was a lion ready to jump down on the man and woman. I quickly grabbed the man and woman and pulled them out of the way. Just as I did, however, a second man appeared, jumped on the first man, and wrestled him to the ground. In the process, the second man bit off an ear of the first man.

I entered the fray and pulled the second man off the first man. At the same time, I remembered I had once heard a story about how my grandfather Cole had bitten off the ear of another person. I now thought the second man was Cole, that he had somehow returned from the grave and that he had bitten off this man's ear in retaliation for something. I looked at the first man and said, "And you know who this is that bit your ear off? Clarence Collier. And I told him to do it."

I said "Clarence Collier," but I actually meant "Cole Collier."

I turned my attention to the neighboring field, where some old antiques were piled up. A cash register sat among the pile. As I looked, I began laughing and laughing. I then looked back toward the Farmhouse, where I noticed several vehicles were parked. My step-grandfather Clarence was sitting in one and my father was sitting in another. I could only see the tops of their heads. The scene seemed rather eerie. Quite a few people who seemed close to me were there, and I thought about what strong influences they exercised over my life. How could I ever make anything of myself if I had been formed by such people as these?

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