Dream of: 21 February 1991 (3) "Wad Of Money"

I planned to move from Texas. I had paid everything I owed, except the IRS, which I still owed quite a bit of money. I planned to move away without paying the IRS. I was discussing my financial affairs with Truman. He seemed to have an idea of what I was doing, and he talked with me, trying to be helpful. He said the IRS had already sold a house which I had owned. The IRS had had a judicial lien against the house. He said there had also been another $12,000 lien against the house, but the judicial lien of the IRS had wiped out the other lien. The lien of the IRS had only been for $2,000. He said it made him wonder what kind of people were working for the IRS, if they would wipe out a $12,000 for only $2,000.

Truman was sorry to see me move away and give up my law practice. He tried to be helpful, but I had already decided what I was going to do.


I was in a small gym. In my hands I had a small wad of dough or silly putty. The wad represented all the money I had. The only other thing I had was some clothes sitting outside the gym. As I was ready to leave, I wondered what the IRS would do if they found out I had this money. I knew they would want to take it. I dropped the wad on the floor, picked it back up, and held it behind my back.

A heavy-set man wearing white pants and a white shirt walked into the gym. He was wearing several gold badges. I thought he was probably a police officer for the IRS. I stuck the wad down the rear of my pants, and smashed it flat right over the top of my butt. I thought he surely wouldn't do a search of my body to see if I had anything on me. If that happened, I could be left with absolutely nothing. I would have to start doing bankruptcy cases all over again the next day. That would be rather humiliating. I thought he might search the clothing which I had left outside. But I didn't think he would do a body search, and I thought I would be able to get out of here with the wad.

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