Dream of: 21 February 1991 (2) "Different Goals"

While at a social event, I had run into Louise (about 30 years old). She was smiling and looked quite nice. When I asked her if she would go somewhere with me, she said she would. Talking more with her, I learned that she and Vernon weren't getting along well together, and that they only saw each other about once a week. She was having some traumatic problems in her life. I could tell she would like to see me; and I would like to see her.

When we were ready to leave, we were unsure whose car to take. Since I only had my old beat-up Honda Prelude, and she had a brand new car, we decided to take hers. I told her I would drive her car.


Louise and I had driven to a place where Vernon was. Louise got out of the car and walked over to a wall where Vernon was standing. I stayed by the car, holding a gun in my hand. I saw Vernon begin pushing Louise; I thought he was going to beat her up. I figured the only way to stop him was to shoot at him. I fired twice. The shots didn't hit him, but went right past him. Louise managed t get away from him. I could hear Vernon telling someone how one bullet went right past his ear. I could see that Vernon also had a gun. It looked as if he and I might have a gun battle.


I was in a small humble house where Louise and Vernon were living. It looked like the Logan Street House. At first Vernon was lying and sleeping on a bed, but when I looked again he was no longer there. I wondered if he were sneaking around to try to attack me.


Vernon and I were walking around outside together. I wanted to try to talk with him; I asked him how business was. I knew he did the same kind of bankruptcy work that I did. I told him that we had different goals. I knew his goal was to make a lot of money. He mentioned that he might not make anything after all because the IRS might take it all. I told him I had $50,000. I told him that when I had $150,000, I intended to quit the business. I repeated that we had completely different goals.

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