Dream of: 18 February 1991 (2) "Changing History"

I was in a house which seemed like the Gallia County Farmhouse, talking with Altizer and another fellow. We were thinking about joining together to form a farming community. I thought if we all worked together, we would end up having a lot of free time. However none of us had any money or land to start the venture. I thought if we simply had a hundred acres we would be able to do it.

I also thought we would let animals run free on the land, and we wouldn't allow anyone to hunt there. We would post no-hunting signs all around the land. I knew the third fellow liked to hunt turkeys, and I told him he wouldn't be able to shoot any more turkeys. Although he didn't say anything, I had the feeling he didn't like the idea. But I thought he would join us anyway, and would stop hunting turkeys.

I began talking with someone on the phone as I was still imagining what kind of animals we would let roam all over the land. I thought we might even have some bears, and as I looked out the window, I actually saw two bears and a moose out there. I told the person how nice it was to be able to see the animals outside.


I was down by the old milk house on the Farm. Animals were allowed to run free on the Farm, without any interference from humans, and I was responsible for overseeing them. I wasn't supposed to interfere with them, but I found a small, hungry lamb which appeared to have lost its mother. Thinking I could occasionally help the animals, I picked up the weakened lamb and carried it to the Farmhouse.

Inside the kitchen I found Adolph Hitler sitting at the kitchen table with another man who was my father (not my actual father), who was also president of the United States.

When I started to pour some milk for the lamb, Hitler spoke up and said cow's milk wouldn't work for the lamb. So I first put some brown cereal and sugar into the cup before pouring in the milk. The milk immediately disappeared, apparently drunk by the lamb. But noticing that the cup was filling back up with the milk, I thought the lamb must be regurgitating the milk back into the cup. The cup stopped filling up just before it overflowed. It looked as if Hitler might have been right, that the milk wouldn't work for the lamb.

I sat down at the table and began talking with Hitler and my father about the course of history. I knew we were in a time before the beginning of World War II, and that a major event was going to occur the next day when Hitler was going to attack a Russian man who was here on the Farm. I thought the name of the Russian was Gerbel. After my father had talked with Hitler for a while, I began talking with Hitler.

I couldn't tell Hitler that we knew what was going to happen. However I was trying to talk him out of attacking, because I knew the attack would precipitate World War II. I knew if the Russian was killed, World War II would begin.

Through the window I could see the Russian on the large hill behind the Farmhouse. I asked Hitler whether he realized he had the power to start a world war. Obviously Hitler did know he had the power, and my father chimed in that of course Hitler knew he had the power. But I thought I needed to make clear to him the enormity of his power. He didn't seem like such a bad man, and I thought I might be able to convince him. I told him if he didn't attack Russia and he didn't start a war, the United States would "recompense you beyond your wildest dreams."

He seemed interested in what I was saying, but I was unsure it was doing any good to tell him that. I wanted him to know that if he didn't start the war, there was still a place for him in history, that he could still be a great man. I earnestly tried to convince him, and he seemed to listen patiently. But I couldn't tell whether he was going to heed my words, and feared that it might not be possible to change history.

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