Dream of: 16 February 1991 "That Evident House Hock"

I had found a dictionary of unusual words which weren't often used anymore, but which could be used. I leafed through the dictionary and came across the words "that hock." I read, trying to figure out what the word meant. I saw a phrase used as an example. It said, "That evident house hock."

I thought the phrase might mean that it was evident that the house was pretty, but I still couldn't understand the full meaning of the phrase. Some examples of other words were given, words that were still used today, along with an etymology of the words.

I looked at some of the other words and saw the word "heck" as well as the word "courtesy." The book said "courtesy" was a word which developed in the Middle Ages, and had come from the word "cour." The word "virginity" was also given as an example. But I kept running the phrase "that evident house hock" through my mind, still unable to grasp the meaning.

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