Dream of: 15 February 1991 "The Most Important Man"

I walked into the kitchen of a house and found my mother and my father. My father was about 40 years old and had long black hair cascading to his shoulders. He seemed rather tall, so I had to look up at him. He and I hadn't been getting along well lately, mainly because we hadn't been communicating. As I scrutinized him more closely, I realized he was black, and I concluded that I must therefore be half black.

As my father began working on something with a knife, I noticed a second knife lying near him. Since we had been having problems, I was a little afraid of him. It even crossed my mind that he might cut me with one of the knives, although I doubted that his disaffection with me would drive him that far.

Reflecting on how we hardly ever talked about anything important, I queried, "Do you ever think of God?" He seemed amused by my question. Since I knew he had been a preacher when he had been younger, I figured he must have thought much about God at one time. But he now acted as if my talking about God was a bit ridiculous. Nevertheless, I continued, "I think of God a lot. In fact, it's probably the most important thing in my life."

When he asked me whether I prayed to God, I replied, "God speaks to me and I speak to him." Even as I spoke, I thought I could feel God coming inside me. I closed my eyes and felt God enter me. Sensing that God was directing me to communicate with my father, I heard God say, "Speak to him, the most important man in your life, at this time."

I thought the message was that other men might be more important in my life at other times, but that my father was the most important man in my life right now. I wrapped my arms around my father and pulled him closer to me, still feeling God surge through me.

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