Dream of: 10 February 1991 (2) "Plastic Shoes"

I had taken a pair of black shoes whose bottoms were coming off into a shoe store to be repaired. A square piece was hanging off the bottom of the shoes. I took the shoes to a fellow at a counter and asked him if he could repair them. I knew they were plastic and not worth much, but that I didn't wear leather shoes. He looked amazed that I was going to try to repair plastic shoes. He tried to describe some other shoes which were also apparently plastic, but which were good shoes. They had a special device so water from perspiration wouldn't accumulate inside, but would be exuded. However he didn't have any of those shoes at the moment. I debated whether it might simply be better to throw my shoes away and buy a new pair of plastic shoes. But I wanted to repair them if I possibly could.

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