Dream of: 09 February 1991 (2) "Damaged By Bombing"

I was in a city which was being bombed by airplanes. A terrible bombing took place daily, and much of the city had already been destroyed. I walked through the streets looking at the bombed-out buildings. I thought the next time the bombs began falling I would stay outside, because I didn't think there was any more chance of being killed outside as inside. At least the sight of the bombs falling outside would be quite impressive.


I was in the attic of a house, looking at a large, wooden door which had been damaged by the bombing. The door had some elaborate carvings on it. While here, I realized the war had stopped and the bombing was over. I thought I would probably put the door on the house where I was going to be living, and I realized I would probably stay in that house a long time, perhaps forever. Now that the bombing was over, I had become rather attached to the door.

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