Dream of: 09 February 1991 "Lazarus"

I was apparently living with my father in a place which resembled the Gallia County Farm. After I had committed an act something for which I thought my father would punish me, I went to a large barn on the farm. In a section of the barn I could climb down to a secret place under some bales of hay. The space was on the ground, and when I reached it I could see that an animal had dug some holes in the ground. As I kicked dirt over the holes, I thought how difficult it would be to live here with animals, especially since I didn't even know what kind of animals were living here. At least I had some covers here.

The space was dark except for one area where light trickled through. After crawling into the light, I discovered small prickly briars sticking into me. As I picked off the briars, I noticed an American flag lying nearby, and thought I might somehow be able to use the flag to pull the briars off. I also noticed several small black bugs crawling around the space, and began realizing what a trial trying to live in this small place would be. I began to feel strange, and reflected that this was a new life which was beginning for me, one which would be different from the life I had lived before. It was going to be a painful existence; yet I felt as if I were somehow being born again. I felt as if I were somehow being transformed as I said, "I am Lazarus, come back from the grave, come back to tell you all, and I shall tell you all."

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