Dream of: 08 February 1991 "Deed Of Trust"

I was in the Gay Street House where I was apparently going to stay for a few days. Late in the evening, while I was sitting in the front room on the second floor, my father walked in and began talking with me. I was unsure, but I thought he might be a bit intoxicated on alcohol. He told me two other men were in the House and they were going to spend the night here. One was a judge. Apparently they were also intoxicated. I was only concerned with whether they would be making a lot of noise, because I wanted to sleep. I knew a mattress was in the attic where I could sleep if they were going to be noisy.


I was in the upstairs front room of the House reading a Deed of Trust which apparently had something to do with the two men. Someone wanted me to examine the Deed of Trust to see if everything was in order. The telephone rang and Richhart was on it, wanting to talk with me about the Deed of Trust. Two people had signed the Deed of Trust. One of them was named Henry Ress. Richhart asked me what had happened to Henry Ress. I didn't know. I had never talked with Henry Ress, although it seemed to me that Alcorn had spoken with him. I thought perhaps Alcorn knew what had happened to Henry Ress, and that I would have to talk with Alcorn about it.

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