Dream of: 06 February 1991 (2) "Failing Demagoguery"

I was in a foreign country, perhaps Moslem. It was night, and I was in what appeared to be an alley, watching a group of five or six thin, black-haired women who appeared to be prostitutes. Some had their breasts uncovered. A couple women were quite pretty. One (probably in her late 20s) had particularly beautiful breasts which attracted my attention.

One of the pretty women got into the back seat of a car with two men. When she saw the face of one of the men, who was quite fat, she realized the face was completely disfigured. The disfigured face was covered with scars, as if it had been in a fire. She immediately realized the man was going to try to hurt her. But somehow she was able to escape from the car and run through the deserted streets. It appeared that she was in a bad section of the city. She saw lights in some of the houses she passed, but she didn't try to enter any of them, even though people appeared to be inside the houses. Finally she saw a restaurant. She was just about to enter, when she saw a group of about 50 people standing behind the restaurant. All the people appeared rather old (at least in their 40s) and were all dancing either folk or square dancing. When the woman arrived, everyone stopped dancing, and some people, especially the women, began leaving. Clearly they didn't like the prostitute. The prostitute stood there looking at the group until a man (perhaps 50 years old) walked over to her and began talking with her. He was a bit overweight. He said she could go with him to his house, but she told him she didn't want to go with him.

The man walked away, but then returned. Finally the woman kicked him between the legs. He doubled over and finally walked away.

Another man walked up to the woman and handed her a metal plaque with a picture of a bottle of Coca Cola with a white ribbon around it. The plaque also had a thermometer on it. The man said that Jack, who was the man with the scarred face, had died, and when he had died, he had had the thermometer in his hand. The plaque and thermometer were now a present for the woman. Someone mentioned the phrase, "the result of a failing demagoguery."

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