Dream of: 03 February 1991 "Merciless Hunters"

Carolina and I were walking through a hilly, wooded area, when I noticed some hunters on the side of the hill above us. I counted five of them scattered over the hill and pointed them out to Carolina. Suddenly, to our right, on the side of the hill next to us, a deer came running out of the underbrush. It was staggering and had obviously been shot. It ran straight toward a hidden hunter, who jumped out and mercilessly shot the deer with his gun. The deer convulsed, but remained on its feet backing up and trying to escape. But yet another hunter appeared and again blasted the deer which finally fell to the ground. All the hunters which had shot the deer ran up; I thought there would be an argument about who would get the deer.

Another deer appeared and it likewise was quickly shot. Men gathered around the two dead deer and begin gutting them. I pointed out what was happening to Carolina. It appeared that the men made an incision in the tail area and then pulled out the entire insides. I could see the stomach, which appeared to be full of green pellets of something which the deer had recently eaten. One man also took out some kind of a pouch which looked like it was full of air, and began working on deflating it. I was a rather disgusted with the whole event. The poor deer had little chance of escaping so many hunters.

I thought Carolina and I should get out of here as quickly as possible, especially since I noticed that Carolina was completely naked. I didn't want us to have any trouble with the hunters.

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