Dream of: 01 February 1991 (2) "Traffic Ticket"

Someone had been in a traffic accident, had used my name after the accident and had been given a ticket. With my lawyer, I walked into a large, crowded, large room, apparently a courtroom. A judge was sitting on the bench, listening to cases one by one. I intended to pretend that I was the one who had been in the accident -- I was going to try to get out of the ticket. We sat down and I began recalling the traffic accident. The fellow who had said he was me had been driving the car out of a driveway. But I couldn't remember whether he had been backing out, or driving straight out. I quickly asked the lawyer, but he couldn't remember either. Since I knew there was someone outside who knew, I told the lawyer to go out and ask. He didn't seem happy about that, but walked out anyway.

As the judge handled the cases, he told two people he wouldn't give them tickets if they would become ministers. They wouldn't agree to that, but I thought, "Well I might be willing to become a minister not to get the ticket. It wouldn't hurt."

Finally, while my lawyer was still outside, the judge called out my name and wanted to know if there were any facts which I wanted to give him about the event. I couldn't think of anything, and he pronounced me guilty. After he had made his decision, I began thinking I simply should have said it wasn't me who had been in the accident. As I thought about it, I developed a scenario in my mind of what would have happened if I had told the judge that I hadn't been the one who had been driving. The police officer who had given the ticket would have had to have been brought it to identify me. They probably would never have been able to figure out who had been driving the car.

After thinking about it for a while, it began to seem as if I actually had already told the judge I hadn't been the one who had been driving. The judge even began talking about it and said that he was going to recess the court, and that we would come back later to present evidence about my story.

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