Dream of: 01 February 1991 "Warehouse Near The River"

I was in a large building which appeared to be near the Ohio River in Portsmouth. Apparently my father used to operate out of the building. It appeared the building hadn't been used in quite a while. The large room I was in seemed like a warehouse. The room was empty, except for some shelves along one wall which had some things on them. I began looking through the things on the shelves. A couple open boxes contained some Federal Express envelopes and some Federal Express labels which I thought I might be able to use some time.

I was thinking of cleaning up the dusty room and converting it into some kind of space which I might be able to use for myself. Across the hall was a smaller room which a woman was converting into a small shop which she was going to use. The woman, who was in her early thirties was fairly attractive and I thought I might ask her out.

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