Dream of: 27 January 1991 (2) "Slide Projector"

I was riding in car which my father was driving on Gallia Street in New Boston, Ohio in the direction of Portsmouth. As we passed by the area where my old friend Ramo used to live, I noticed that construction of a large new building was underway. I looked back after we passed it and saw that the building contained a large courtyard with a gigantic old tree in the middle of the courtyard. In fact the tree seemed to be a centerpiece of the building. I wondered what was going to happen when the tree died.

Farther down the street, we passed an immense apartment building which stretched on for several blocks. I remembered I had once been in the apartment building which was quite nice. I thought many of the people who lived there must work at the nearby steel mill. I asked my father who owned the building and he told me. The building was on both sides of the street, and in several points the building was actually connected overhead across the street. I thought no other place in Portsmouth was like that.

I picked up a cup which contained some coins, looked in the cup, and saw some picture-slides inside. All the slides showed men and women having sex. Some parts of the slides had been whited out. I thought they belonged to a friend of my father's. Since I didn't think my father would want me to be looking at the slides, I tried not to let him see me. I thought what I needed was a slide projector.


I was in a bedroom where I had hooked up a slide projector and was trying to see if the slides would work in the projector. But the projector seemed to be the wrong type.

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