Dream of: 27 January 1991"Bird Watching"

While on a farm where my grandmother Mabel was living, I noticed five or six tall poles standing near the farmhouse. Actually the poles were trees which had died, and whose limbs had all fallen off. What surprised me was that it looked as if a large bird was sitting at the top of each tree. Finally I realized all the birds were vultures. Just as I pulled out some binoculars to look at them, all the vultures flew away. I looked through the binoculars anyway, and saw that the vultures had built nests atop the trees, and that some baby vultures were in at least one nest.

I was quite delighted to see the nests, and I thought we should do whatever we could to protect them. I walked onto the back porch of the farmhouse with my grandmother, and next to the porch she showed me another vulture nest which was atop something waist high, perhaps a barrel. She poked around in the nest, which contained some baby vultures. I told her not to do that, because she might scare the mother from coming back. Just as I spoke, the mother flew in and landed next to the nest. The mother looked hesitant, as if unsure whether to go back to the next. My grandmother and I backed away from the nest.

Over the yard I then noticed a large rusty hawk flying around. It was quite beautiful and I pointed it out to my grandmother. Suddenly another white and black bird flew in and attacked the hawk, using its beak to cut the hawk's breast. As the hawk flew off, I couldn't tell whether it had been seriously injured. My grandmother knew the name of the black and white bird and she told me what it was. I began to realize there were a number of birds whose names I didn't know.

I looked through the binoculars again and saw a large bird house behind the house. About 30-40 bright yellow birds were flocked all over the birdhouse. I pointed them out to my grandmother also.

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