Dream of: 12 January 1991 (2) "Gun Battle"

Carolina and I were in the Fort Worth Rock House when I heard some noise outside. I went to the window and saw that a car had pulled up with what appeared to be two men in it. When the man on passenger side opened his door I saw that they had some kind of rifle. I immediately told Carolina to look for my gun and we began running around the house looking for it. She had a hard time locating it, but finally found it in the living room and brought it to me.

By now the men were out of the car. Somehow a gun battle began; I fired at them several times, uncertain if I had hit them. In the course of the battle I hollered to Carolina to reload my gun. The men outside retreated to their car and left.

I ventured out; almost immediately a police officer arrived. He grabbed me and took my gun from me. I knew it wasn't registered and thought that might cause me a problem. He looked me over and said he thought I might have been hit by a bullet. I couldn't feel anything, but thought it might be possible that I had been hit in the back. As I seemed about to lose consciousness, I slumped backward to the ground.

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