Dream of: 12 January 1991 "Skunk On A Stick"

After entering a small grocery store, Carolina and I walked along an aisle next to the wall, until we reached the end. There, about chest high, on a shelf, lay several girlie magazines; I picked up one named "Pimienta." I had bought copies of the magazine before; although it contained a lot of Spanish writing, it also contained many explicit pictures of nude women, and of men and women engaged in sex. Carolina also picked up a magazine and leafed through it.

I came to a picture of several gorgeous women, and tried to discern whether they had on their clothes. It looked as if they did; I was surprised to see what appeared to be a penis sticking out from under the dress of one of them. I flipped on looking for more pictures. But then I noticed that three young fellows, probably in their mid teens, had entered the store and were waiting in the next aisle. I could see them through a mirror. I concluded they wanted to look at the magazines but were too embarrassed to come over here while we were here. Since I was ashamed anyway by what we were doing, I told Carolina that we should go; we headed out of the store. Before we reached the door I looked back and saw all three boys eagerly leafing through the magazines.

Outside the store we walked into a hallway which seemed to be in a high school. Carolina (probably 16-17 years old) looked quite beautiful. She was wearing an orange-yellow dress with black dots. As we continued along, we talked until some fellow's name came up. Carolina told me she had gone to a party at the fellow's house. I told her she had never told me about that before. When she admitted that she hadn't, I became angry and grabbed the shoulder of her dress. It had a pad under the shoulder to make her shoulder look higher. In my anger, I pulled the pad out of place.

A man walked up who was obviously a teacher or someone in authority at the school. I quickly put Carolina's pad back in place. But he had already seen what had happened and was going to do something about it. He picked out a fellow (probably 16-17 years old) from some other students who were around us and said that fellow was going to have to go to a type of penal school, and that he wouldn't be able to stay in this school any longer.

I knew the fellow was directly related to what was going on, but I couldn't figure out exactly why. At any rate, I definitely didn't want to see him have to go to a penal school and not be allowed to continue studying in this school.

I followed the man outside where I began pleading with him about what he was doing. At first I was angry, but then calmed down and tried to be as reasonable as I could. Remembering that I was a lawyer, I thought surely I could use my skills to persuade him. He seemed somewhat reasonable and I thought he would probably listen and change his mind.

When we reached the man's pickup, we saw a crowd of people gathered there, and quickly learned that one of them had caught a black and white skunk nearby. The skunk was now somehow immobilized on the end of a stick. It was a rather strange sight. The skunks head was at one end of the stick and its legs were sticking straight out to the sides. A fellow was holding the other end of the stick, and he began bringing the skunk's head close to my face. The skunk was still alive and I knew it would bite me if it came too close to my face. I moved back slightly, but not much, since I figured the guy was smart enough not to let the skunk bite me.

Meanwhile the man with whom I had been talking had gotten behind the steering wheel of his truck. I leaned in from the other side of the truck; he told me he wouldn't change his mind, that the boy was going to have to go to the penal school. I asked him if it were up to his discretion to make a decision like that. He said it was and added, "I'm just a discretionary sort of guy."

I became infuriated, and leaning into his pickup truck and pointing my finger at him, I raised my voice, exclaiming, "That's wrong! That's wrong! And I'll fight it."

I backed away and he pulled off. I felt quite disoriented. Students were standing around were I was. I knew I should look for someone but I couldn't remember who. Then I remembered I needed to look for Carolina. Finally I saw her and she walked over to me. She looked so pretty with her black hair and her pretty dress. It seemed such a contrast for me to be so upset and for her to be so pretty.

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