Dream of: 07 January 1991 "Theater Crowd"

After my wife Carolina and I had entered an auditorium, I began looking for seats in the front, but was unable to see any. Finally however I spotted a couple seats in the fifth or sixth row, right in the middle, and we made our way to them. After Carolina and I had sat down and been there a while, I realized why nobody had taken the seats: if I leaned back at all in my seat, the seat would go so far back that my back was almost parallel to the floor. I looked around; two open seats were behind us. Since I would have to struggle to exit and return past all the people, we simply climbed over our seats to the ones behind us. The new seat I took also went back farther than proper, but the seat still didn't seem as bad as the first one in which I had sat.

Carolina was sitting on my left and on my right was a man probably in his mid 40s dressed in an expensive-looking black and white plaid suit. As the man and I began talking, I at first thought he said he worked in a bank. When I questioned him further, he said he that he didn't work in a bank, that he worked in a shelter where homeless people went to spend the night and be fed. That sounded like a good job to me and I thought I might like to have such a job. Perhaps I could even do such work in Mexico City.

Sensing that the show for which we were waiting wasn't going to begin for a while, I decided to walk outside. I left Carolina, walked outside and headed across the street. Reaching the other side, I headed for a small tree, which I climbed up to the first limb. I wrapped my right leg around the limb, and then hung upside down, so that my head almost reached the ground. I put my hands together in front as if I were meditating. I knew that people back in the auditorium could see me through the open door and that they would wonder what I was doing. I wasn't bothered because I knew hanging like this was good for me.

I didn't hang long before deciding to climb down. When I first tried to pull myself up so I could grab the limb with my hands, I was unsuccessful. For a moment I thought how embarrassed I was going to be if I couldn't descend. When I tried the second time, I was able to grab the limb and descend the tree.

Once on the ground, I looked back at the auditorium; not as many people were there. I now realized the people had all been directed to go to a theater on the side of the street where I was; the show was going to be held in the second theater. The people who were in the first theater now were a new group waiting for the next show. I hurried into the second theater were I was met by a throng of people. As I looked for Carolina I became concerned I wouldn't be able to find her in such a mob.

Suddenly two women probably in their early 20s walked up and began talking with me. I immediately recognized one of them as Mary (a junior high and high school classmate). The other woman I didn't recognize, but she obviously knew me. She was pretty and I tried to remember who she was. Since she was with Mary, I assumed she was someone I had known in high school, but since I couldn't remember, I finally asked her if I knew her. She replied affirmatively. However I still couldn't place her. I wanted her to know that I thought she was pretty, and I told her so. She seemed to appreciate my compliment, and I thought if I wanted to see her later, she would be available.

Both women began talking about a "white sale" which was taking place in a store not far from where we were. They were quite enthusiastic and highly recommended the sale. I thought I would like to go, but at the moment I was preoccupied with trying to find Carolina. I left the two women, looking vainly through the enormous crowd. I then remembered that Carolina was wearing a red cap I would be able to pick her out that way. I was surprised, however, to see dozens of people wearing red caps. Finally I decided Carolina surely wouldn't go in without me; after the crowd thinned out, I would be able to find her.

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