Dream of: 30 December 1990 "Blood On The Car"

I had told my old friend Steve Buckner that I was going to meet him and some other friends at a certain time, but for some reason we had been unable to meet at the appointed time. When I finally did get to see him, it seemed as if he were living in a car. But it also seemed as if he had an apartment of his own. At any rate, I knew he was no longer living with his parents and I was glad of that. I knew that besides him, I had some other friends who no longer lived with their parents, and I much preferred visiting them without their parents around. Buckner and I boarded a car which Buckner was driving and we rode off.

As we rode along, I began thinking I might want to start going to a meditation group. But this time it would be different than when I used to go. I sometimes enjoyed being with people like Buckner, who were only concerned with having a good time. If I went to meditation I wouldn't try to change that aspect of my personality. Even if I were meditating, I would still intend to be with Buckner and that type of friend some of the time.


I was riding in a car which my mother was driving. It seemed as if we had been traveling for a long time, and that I had been sleeping part of the way in the back seat. Finally I realized my mother might be tired and I told her I would drive for a while. She scooted over to the passenger side of the front seat and I slid in behind the steering wheel. I thought she had been looking at a map as she had been driving, but I saw that what she had actually been looking at was a page taken from a magazine. That rather disturbed me, because it looked as if my mother didn't know where she was. I saw a sign which said we were on state route 235 West. Since it seemed as if we were traveling from Florida to Ohio, I knew there were interstate highways all the way and I didn't know why we were on a slow moving state road. I saw another sign which said interstate 7 was nearby, and I thought I should probably head for it. But I did want to look at a map first.

I was going to pull over somewhere and look at a map. I saw a filling station but I didn't see room enough to pull in without blocking the gas pumps. Besides, I didn't want to pull in right now because there had been an accident at the bottom of the little hill we were going down. I told my mother to look and when she did she said something about there being blood at the accident. As I drove past it I saw that a smashed-up Volkswagen bug had crashed into a garage at the bottom of the hill. Police were standing around it, but I couldn't tell if anyone was still in the car. I did see some blood on the car.

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