Dream of: 24 December 1990 "New Shoelaces"

I had gone to a ski resort, and was standing at the bottom of a slope watching people ski down. Some friends had come with me, and I began imagining what would happen if one of the men (a fellow about 20 years old) tried to go down one of the steeper slopes. What would happen if I were to tell him it would be quite easy and that if he fell he would be able to stop? I could just imagine him careening down the slop completely out of control until he reached the bottom. He could be seriously injured.


I was in a building at the ski resort which began to seem more like a court room. I saw judge McGuire dressed in a sports coat, slacks and tie. When I sat down on a bench, I noticed a group of women nearby, all wearing something orange. A black-haired woman lawyer was sitting next to me. She reminded me of a lawyer I had met in a hearing on Neal (a legal client). She also was dressed in orange and I asked her about it, but I didn't receive an answer. She then pointed out the fact that I was barefoot. I told her no one would mind. I pointed out judge McGuire and commented about how he didn't care if someone dressed casually in his courtroom. Anyway, I intended to put on a pair of black dress shoes which I had in front of me. As soon as I put on the shoes, McGuire came over and bent down in front of me to help me. He pulled out the laces which were in the shoes and began putting in a new pair of laces. He was careful to make them as neat as possible.

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