Dream of: 23 December 1990 (2) "Dream Warnings"

My friend Cathy and I had gone to someone's house and were sitting around in the living room with seven or eight other people, three or four of which were seated on a couch. Finally I finally realized the people had some cocaine which they were dividing up into lines to snort. I debated to myself whether I would snort any cocaine if I were offered; I also wondered if Cathy would snort any.

They did offer some to Cathy and without hesitating, she snorted some. Suddenly I remembered I had had quite a few dreams where I had been in that same type of situation. Recalling that every time I had used cocaine in the dreams, I had regretted it, I decided I wasn't going to use any now. So when the cocaine was offered to me, I turned it down. I did however tell them I would smoke some marijuana, two or three joints of which were lying on the platter with the cocaine.

Another fellow picked up a joint to light, but before he lit it, he stuck a little bit of the white cocaine in the end of the joint. I thought that the cocaine probably wouldn't hurt anything and that I would smoke the cocaine like that.

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