Dream of: 23 December 1990 "Escape Door"

I was in a large warehouse-type room, which was actually on an airplane. Several men were standing around, and gradually I realized some had black, powerful-looking hand guns. I concluded that the plane was involved in a shipment of illegal drugs, and that the men with the guns were planning to shoot some of the other men on the plane. I became concerned I might also be shot and I began looking around for some means of escape. I noticed a door on the side of the room and thought it might be possible to escape through the door. Finally when I thought no one was looking, I slipped over to the door, opened it, and snuck out.

Outside the plane, I found myself standing on a narrow ledge and looking down to the earth far below. Below me was another ledge. I thought I might be able to descend to the other ledge, lie down on it out of sight, and remain there until we landed.

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