Dream of: 18 December 1990 (2) "Lost Purse"

Carolina and I were leaving an amusement park, possibly in Florida, and had reached our car in the parking lot. As we were about to get in, I noticed a purse lying next to one of my tires, and I picked it up. I saw that the bottom part of the purse appeared to be filled with water, like a balloon. But the top part of the purse was normal. I opened up the top part, saw a small watch and pulled it out. I handed the purse to Carolina and got into the back seat of the car, while Carolina got into the front seat.

Carolina wanted the watch, but I wouldn't give it to her. She threatened that if I wouldn't give it to her, she would open the bottom part of the purse and pour the water on some of my cassette tapes which were in the front seat with her. I decided to hand the watch to her, and she gave the purse back to me.

The bottom part of the purse had a zipper; I decided to unzip it. But when I unzipped it, I discovered that it didn't contain water. Instead I pulled out a large camera from that part. I decided I was going to take a picture of Carolina. But then I realized the camera had two parts, and one part was still in the purse. As Carolina waited for me to take her picture, I pulled the other part out of the purse.

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