Dream of: 16 December 1990 "Airy"

I was in Russia, standing beside a black train. Since I wanted to escape from the country, when the train began to move, I ran along beside it, grabbed one of the metallic rungs of the ladder at the rear of one of the cars, and pulled myself up. I thought the train was going to cross the border into another country where I would be free. The train hadn't gone far when I realized a white train was on some other tracks beside the tracks I was on. Almost immediately I realized the other train would try to stop my train from leaving the country. After both trains gradually slowed to a stop, I jumped from my train to see what was happening. I thought it would be best if my train started going backwards to try to escape from the white train.

Somehow, with my help, the black train began moving backwards. I was hanging onto a metal ladder on the side of one of the cars, but I thought I would be better off if I were between the cars, because I was afraid the Russians might put something beside the train to knock me off the ladder. Before I could move, however, I saw another train on the same track as mine and moving toward my train. Clearly the two trains were going to collide. Without further ado, I jumped from the train. Russian agents immediately surrounded me and pointed their weapons at me. I watched in amazement as the two trains crashed into each other and the engines rose into the air. For a moment I was afraid part of the train might fall on me, but then I realized I was far enough away to be out of danger.


I was in the back seat of a car of one of the Russians who had captured me. He was about 40 years old and was driving the car through a deserted city street. He spoke to me in Russian and I was able to understand a little of what he said. He wanted to know if I had a weapon. With gestures I told him I had neither a gun nor a knife. Since nothing was between him and me, I thought it would be possible for me to grab him by the throat and strangle him. But I decided that would be too dangerous. I spoke with him a bit in French, and it appeared that he understood me.

Suddenly a girl (about 5 years old) threw herself in front of our car. The Russian didn't stop. As he hit the girl I could see her face above the hood. As she fell to the side of the car, the Russian continued to drive, even though he clearly knew what he had done. I looked back and saw the girl's body in the road. A woman came to her, but the woman didn't appear distressed. It appeared the woman simply accepted what had happened.


I was in a room of what was apparently a Russian prison. Other people, apparently prisoners, were with me. I was trying to figure out exactly what was going on, when a Russian led me to another room, where a man holding some papers was seated. He handed me the papers and I looked at them. There were about five pages stapled together. I was surprised to see my name, Steven Collier, written in blue ink on the first page. Looking through the papers I concluded they were the papers of a student, and the theme of the papers was teaching. Apparently the papers were for a class of students who wanted to be teachers. On the papers were also some drawings, one of which was of a house.

I tried to explain to the Russian that I didn't understand why my name was on the papers. Although the papers were written in English, I spoke in French, because it appeared that the Russian understood a little French. I tried to explain to him some of what was written in the papers. In one place I found the word "airy." The Russian didn't understand the word. I explained that it derived from the English word "air," which in French meant "le vent." I moved my fingers in the air to try to describe what the word meant. But he still didn't understand.

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