Dream of: 10 December 1990 "Cowboy Statues"

While I was in Portsmouth, my father and I went to a second-hand store somewhere near Lucasville. As we walked around and looked at things in the store, I told my father I had read about this store when I had been in Texas. I had read that the store had some silver quarters which were being sold for face value, for a quarter apiece.

I walked up to a counter and asked a woman at the counter if they had any silver quarters for sale. She indicated that they did, but she said they wanted fifteen percent more than the face value for the quarters. I knew that was a good deal, and I thought I would buy all the quarters which she had. She had a partially filled roll of quarters in an orange wrapper lying in a red box in front of her. She began looking around trying to find more.

Meanwhile I glanced at a pamphlet lying on the counter. I saw a picture of a life-sized statue of a cowboy. Statues of two life-sized animals were next to the cowboy. One animal appeared to be from the cat family. Interested in the statue, I asked the woman if they had it. She said they did, but apparently it wasn't there at the store. She said they had first had the statue 18 years ago, had sold it to someone, and now had it back. After I inquired how much they wanted for the statue, she walked away to ask the owner of the store.

My father also looked at the picture, and he concluded that the statue was made of gold. I however thought it was probably made of bronze or brass, most probably bronze. As we waited for the owner, I walked around the store, and noticed a statue. At first I thought it might be the one in the picture. It was a statue of a gaunt-faced cowboy. As I looked it over, I recalled that I had already bought one statue which I had at home. But now I wanted a second statue, and I thought I might pay as much as $1,500.00 for it. I thought my father would also like to have a statue, but I didn't think he would want to pay that much money for it.

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