Dream of: 09 December 1990 "Insect Battle"

Some people who were apparently part of my family were with me in the living room of a house where I was living. As we sat here, I looked up at the ceiling, and noticed some large red ants moving across the ceiling. When I pointed the ants out to the others, we looked over to one edge of the ceiling where we could see a large hole (more than a meter across) in the wall. Obviously the ants were living in the hole. Through the hole we could see into an upstairs room.

The ants were also having a battle with some beige-colored bugs which looked like either butterflies or moths. The ants had already killed several of the other insects and were hauling away their corpses. Apparently the ants were winning the war.


As I sat in the living room, a man who was my father and another man walked into the room, sat down, and spoke with the others and me. It soon became clear that my father didn't want the other man to know that he (my father) was related to this family. My father simply wanted it to appear that he had come to visit us, but not that he was related to us. I played along with the charade and didn't say anything about his being my father.


The man who was my father no longer seemed to be my father, but simply a man who had come to visit us. After he and I had walked into a back room, I realized he was a client for whom I had filed bankruptcy. As we talked about his bankruptcy, I told him that everything was going smooth and that we shouldn't have any problems. He first said he didn't owe anybody anything now, but then realized he still did owe some people whom he was paying in the bankruptcy. He seemed rather superficial and I didn't much trust him. But I was only representing him as his attorney, so it didn't much matter.

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