Dream of: 08 December 1990 (2) "Art Of War"

I was a soldier with a group of other soldiers whom I had grown to know quite well after fighting alongside them in several battles. Time passed quickly in the service, and soon I had already served for four years. While we were in the barracks, I looked at one black-haired fellow who had been with me when I had first joined the military. He now seemed more experienced in the art of war. I told him he still looked good after so much time.

One soldier asked me if I knew what had happened to a soldier who reminded me of Mr. Johnson (a legal client). I replied, "He just disappeared one day."

About 10 of us were in the barracks, preparing to go out on a mission. Dressed in street clothes, one by one the others began filing out the door. I was unsure whether I was going to follow.


It seemed as if I were watching the action on television. The soldiers and the captain (who looked exactly like the character Captain Frank Furillo, played by Daniel J. Travanti on the television series "Hill Street Blues") were gathered together when suddenly they heard a shot ring out on a small hill behind them. They all turned around and looked up the hill. When they turned back around, the enemy soldiers were standing right in front of them with their guns pointed at them, forcing them to put down their guns.

I recalled this same type of thing had happened once before to these soldiers. Apparently they hadn't learned their lesson. But, I thought, maybe they had. Maybe a second group of soldiers would show up and point their guns at the back of the enemy soldiers.

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