Dream of: 30 November 1990 "Moving In Together"

I was driving around Columbus, Ohio, planning to move here, looking for a place to live. I was on a busy street, trying to move over into the left lane, but no one would let me in. As I approached an intersection, the light was just about to turn red. A truck next to me was continuing on through the intersection, so I also continued on beside it. I thought that had been a smart move on my part.


I was standing on a corner, probably on High Street a little more than a kilometer south of the campus of The Ohio State University. I noticed how loud the traffic was.


I was in a room with Carolina in a small apartment where she was living. Carolina lived in one room and her mother, Paz, lived in another room. It seemed some children were also here in some other rooms. The walls were made of concrete. I lay on the bed talking with Carolina (17-18 years old). As she combed her long brown hair, I noticed what a nice person she seemed to be how innocent and sweet she was.

I told her I might stay here tonight. I also asked her how much she thought it would cost for me to live here. I knew there was an empty room next door. We might even be able to knock out a wall and make one big room. She seemed to like the idea. I knew her mother paid $480 a month for the place. I was already helping out by paying $100. I might end up paying $240 a month. That would still be cheap.

When we heard a noise outside, still combing her hair, she went to the door and looked out. After she stepped outside and closed the door behind her, I thought I heard a gasp. I walked over and opened the door. To my left I saw two burly Latino men. It looked as if they were holding Carolina; but I couldn't clearly see her. I then saw another large, ugly, Latino man standing in front of me. I recognized him as someone whom I had recently seen, and knew he had killed someone.

I picked up a folding chair and backed up through the room toward the front door. I was most concerned about Carolina, but realized I needed someone to help me. The man in front of me followed me, but he didn't seem concerned about catching me. When I reached the front door and opened it, I discovered yet another burly Latino whom I also recognized as an accomplice of the other man. He was right in my way. I swung the chair at him. But obviously I wasn't going to be able to get past him. I thought they were going to kill Carolina and me, and I didn't see how we could get out of it.

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