Dream of: 26 November 1990 (3) "Legal Matters"

I was sitting at the desk of another lawyer who worked in the same office where I did. I could hear Alcorn a neighboring room, talking to someone on the phone about a legal matter. Alcorn was saying he was having difficulty with the matter, and I thought to myself the problem was that Alcorn hadn't been spending enough time on the matter.

I was handling a legal matter for someone who had three prostitution charges against him in federal court. I told the person I thought the bond would be about $200 for each case. As I was looking at the papers, Felsenthall (a Dallas bankruptcy judge) walked into the room from his office across the hall. He spoke to someone for a moment and then walked back across the hall. I hadn't said anything and I wondered if I should have spoken.

I then noticed a man had come in to work on the air conditioning unit. Looking closer I realized the man looked like judge McGuire. He was wearing a red plaid shirt, and I thought it particularly strange he would be working on the air conditioning.

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