Dream of: 21 November 1990 "One Hundred Thousand Dollars"

After having been away for quite a while, I had returned to my mother's house – a nice, large, brick, ranch-type house. While I was sitting at the kitchen table, Louise (visiting my mother) walked into the room and sat down. Louise hadn't talked to me in a long time. Finally, after I spoke to her first, she was quite nice and spoke with me. She told me about her bankruptcy law practice. Of course I already knew she was practicing bankruptcy law. Apparently she was doing quite well at it.

However, I didn't think Louise really knew much about what she was doing. I told her I thought her husband Vernon actually ran the practice.

I mentioned I was basically practicing the same kind of law. She already knew that. Of course my law practice was much smaller than hers. She told me that in the first half of November she had made one hundred thousand dollars. She seemed quite excited about that.

Since I knew Truman was the Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee for Dallas, Fort Worth and Wichita Falls, I asked her if she were doing business in Wichita Falls. She seemed surprised to hear that Truman was the trustee in Wichita Falls; apparently she hadn't known that. I thought I might have made a mistake by telling her.

Finally, my mother, Louise and I went for a ride in a car which my mother was driving. After riding around for a while, I decided I would like to get out of the car and run back to the house, even though I knew the distance was far -- six or seven kilometers. I noticed when I got out that I didn't have my watch with me.

When I finally made it back to the house, I found my brother Chris sitting beside the house. My mother returned to the house without Louise; I was sorry to see that Louise wasn't with my mother. I would have liked to have talked to her more; but I would probably see her later.

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