Dream of: 19 November 1990 "Impurities"

I was on Third Street in Portsmouth, in front of a store which used to sell used books in the 1960s. The building (wood-framed and painted white) had several stories and now had been converted into apartments. I had rented one of the apartments and was planning to live there, but at the moment another man was living in the apartment and I was going to have to wait a few days before I could move in.

In the meantime I was going to live in a building on the other side of the street. The same woman was the landlady of both buildings. I had found a place to stay on the balcony of the building across the street, on a high floor. Although it would be outside, I thought I could survive there for several days.

On one side of the balcony were windows through which I could see into another apartment, apparently of a single man. I saw some electrical appliances such as a television and a stereo. The apartment looked comfortable inside, and I thought my apartment would look like that when I had it.

I looked down into the street and saw two unkempt men whom I thought I knew. They had long hair and were quite dirty. I was sure they were Grierson (a Portsmouth acquaintance) and another fellow whose name I couldn't remember. I hollered to them. They heard me, but they didn't know where I was. They seemed intoxicated on alcohol and they couldn't tell where my voice was coming from.

I finally went down to the street and talked with them. I was surprised to see them in such bad shape. After talking a while, we walked into the ground floor where we encountered other people. Almost immediately they began talking about drugs. One said he had some LSD. He said that it was very good, that it had some impurity in it, but that a man here could take out the impurity. Everything seemed a little strange to me. I knew LSD could be dangerous if it contained impurities and I knew removing the impurities would be difficult.

I could see a man in another apartment who apparently had taken some of the LSD. He didn't look bad. Finally a woman began speaking to me. She said I should try the LSD, and she sent another man to fetch it. But I was certain I wasn't going to take the drug.

Another man with a black beard began speaking. He said I could live with him until my apartment was ready, but I was certain I didn't want to do that.

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